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  • While the Mid - Shore spent January 2016 dealing with the cold and possible snow storms a small group of St Michaels Rotary Club members headed south to a much warmer climate spending time in Bondeau, Haiti as part of a mission trip.

    The team leader was Clelia Garrity, Deacon of Christ Episcopal Church, Saint Michaels. David Shaw was one of the 7 team members.

    Clelia has visited Haiti numerous times. She has been instrumental in starting the Bondeau Medical Healthcare Program. Bondeau is a very rural, very poor, very remote agricultural area in southeast Haiti. Haiti virtually has no health care system.

    The seven member team's goal was to work at a 350 student school in Bondeau . While at the school we did a lot of painting, a small amount of ceramic tile work and we brought hammer drills and fasteners to mount metal storage cabinets in Clelia's Pharmacy at the school. The school is partially funded by the Episcopal Church in Boca Raton, Florida.

    Clelia's Pharmacy has lockable metal cabinets bolted to the walls to store $5,000.00 worth of medicine she had shipped to Bondeau.

    On a personal and spiritual level David Shaw calls our work in Haiti as incredibly rewarding.

    I saw poverty like I have never seen before. Everyone carries water with them. You can't live without clean water.

    When life doesn't go well and I'm having a bad day. I remind myself of the people in Haiti. My problems aren't that bad.

    The people just don't have a chance.

    Please call David Shaw 410-745-9338 if you would like to help out financially or email

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