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To ensure extended years of trouble and worry free operation it is strongly recommended that an HVAC system should have regular maintenance performed by professionals.

Just as a car needs your HVAC system is an investment that you will have for a number of years and just like a car that system will need its normal "oil change" and other various maintained items.

The industry standard is to main a heat pump two (2) times a year once for heating and once for cooling. For a gas furnace it would need maintained once (1) a year. For straight air conditioning it would need a once (1) a year maintenance.

With HVAC manufactures offering longer and longer parts warranties the caveat to that is they require that your system have been registered on a website with a certain amount of time of installation. Next the HVAC manufactures will ask for paper work from a home owner to show that they have done their part by having at minimum of an annual inspection performed by a professional contractor.

In general this is one of the few things that you as a homeowner have any real control over with an HVAC system, other than your desired temperature setting.

Here at Shaw's Incorporated we have a maintenance program in place to take the worry out of future and give you peace of mind. Call today and ask how we can help you.



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