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Forced air furnace heating


Forced air furnace heat is a common heating source in our region.

There are four separate fuel sources commonly used for residential space heating, fuel oil, natural gas or propane gas and electric.

There are also several styles and looks of a furnace. There is the most popular is a gas furnace. A furnace is a cabinet that contains a blower to push air through duct work and a heat source that the air blows past creating the heat.

Natural gas is the most efficient/ cost effective source with about 95,000 BTU's of heating per gallon. Fuel oil is the second most effective operating cost method but does not burn as efficiently as natural gas or propane but will get about 130,000 BTU's per gallon. Propane burns as efficient and effective as natural gas with similar BTU ratings but costs more per gallon. The final and least desirable as well as least used method is electric. While electric is almost 100% efficient; it is the most costly to run per BTU.

There are several different styles of furnaces on the market that may look different but operate in the same ways.

  • 1 Natural gas furnace (Condensing and non-condensing versions)
  • 2 Propane gas furnace (Condensing and non-condensing versions)
  • 3 Oil furnace (Traditional and low boy versions)
  • 4 Electric furnace


Modern technology has allowed our industry to provide the most efficient heating with the best comfort than ever before.



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